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ArcGISPro Animation Sedbergh3D

ArcGISPro Animation Sedbergh3D

At Garsdale Design we’ve just got ourselves a Vimeo account for hosting videos.  In preparation for GISWORX 2016 we’ve been getting some demo videos together and I thought we’d share them with you!  

ArcGISPro’s new animation features are surprisingly easy to use and can give you some great results!  As per usual CyberCity3D buildings and Blue-sky International’s National Tree Map make an appearance.

Like this? Just wait till you see what Nicholas Duggan has done in ArcGISPro with our new mapping templates!

Downtown Miami meets CityEngine and LumenRT

Downtown Miami meets CityEngine and LumenRT

Downtown Miami Video title

Okay this is a relatively old model from the 3DPathFinder we did last year.   We’ve been looking at eefficientways of creating ‘higher end’ visualisations and one of the quicker routes is through LumenRT 2015.   This has direct integration with CityEngine and can you add some really nice touches, like real weather and animated traffic and people!

Okay this video is relatively boring but hey, it took less time than previous methods we have used.   LumenRT has a little bit of a learning curve when using with CityEngine, but we’ve had great support from them and the software seems to be kept up-to-date.   CityEngine is a niche product and it really is nice to see other people using and supporting it, thank you e-on software!


If you’re interested in this you might like the interactive webscene that was used as the base data for this., you can view this on Garsdale Design Limited’s ArcGIS Online site.

Once again our friends at CyberCity3d must be thanked for the data, and e-on Software  for LumenRT.


Thoughts on my time with Garsdale Design so far

Thoughts on my time with Garsdale Design so far

Finally I take the time to write my first post on GeoPlanIT. It’s been too long, but too being busy for these kinds of things is usually a sign that ‘business is good’.
Read a bit more about my background here and follow me on Twitter: @MattB3D 
I wanted to share some thoughts and experiences about my time with Garsdale Design so far:

I must say the knowledge that Garsdale Design staff combines is very deep and very well balanced, evenly among Architecture, Heritage, Urban Planning, GIS, 3D Modeling and Visualization. Everybody has their own field of expertise, interests and great specialization. Having said that, it becomes clear that we are proud to be able to address an extreme range of different jobs. And this shows in the people that contact us from many sectors, from all around the globe. This feels wonderful.
The services we offer are unique. The consulting we provide is rooted in deep knowledge of theory, but also practice – which is essential.My own expertise is 3D graphics. I’m specialized in modeling, texturing and rendering detailed cityscapes. I hope I can further explore this field in future. As we will be growing as a company, I hope to get a hold in the visual effects and game industries, providing unique services to produce high-quality 3D city content.
A simple example of a visualization of data provided by our friends at CyberCity3D.

In future blog entries, I will cover more technical topics and experiment with applications of procedural modeling that shall inspire everybody and show the capabilities of CityEngine and other tools I know.
I am looking forward to continue the great time I’ve had so far in the team!
If you have not had not seen mine and my friend Cyrill Oberhaensli’s ‘Favela’ project, have a look here:
CityEngine Security Camera Demo – Video & CGA Code

CityEngine Security Camera Demo – Video & CGA Code

I saw the CityEngine webinar yesterday on “3D Cities for Safety and Security”   and got inspired by their security camera rule, I thought I could do that quite quickly so came up with this:

Here’s the code for those that like this sort of thing (it’s not carefully commented by feel free to modify and share) I’m aware the CityEngine team have something much more sophisticated but for 5 minutes coding I think it’s quite nice:


 * File:    camera.cga
 * Created: 19 Dec 2013 16:18:39 GMT
 * Author:  EHartley

version "2013.1"

attr cameraColor = "#ff00ff"
attr cameraTransparency = 0.5	
attr cameraRotate =0
attr cameraAngle =0
attr cameraDistance =20
attr cameraHeight = 2.5
attr cameraH = 64
attr cameraW = 48
pyramid = "assets/pyramid.dae"

	color(cameraColor) set(material.opacity,cameraTransparency)
	comp(f) { top : camera | all : NIL}

	roofPyramid(30) s('1,cameraDistance,'1)
Central London – Tower Treetop – Video

Central London – Tower Treetop – Video


This is the start of adding more ”smart data” to buildings beyond just a ‘dumb’ grey building and/or textured.   CyberCity3D give roof details, heights, angles and roof type but are looking at adding for specific buildings floors and other attributes.   I thought I’d jump ahead and see what I could with that kind of information in CityEngine.

So what if you had floor levels within buildings? You could run any rule you wanted on each floor or place in a detailed floor plan. Or you could put a park on a well known building landmark and give each floor a pretty colour…..

The “Gherkin” was modelled in more detail separately (using SketchUp in this case), this specific model is not part of the CyberCIty3D dataset.


Floors Colour by Area in CityEngine pretty but also potentially useful for proerpty management companies?
Central London Webscene – Video

Central London Webscene – Video

Okay I must stop with this video thing now….

CityEngine + Cartographer’s Toolkit + CyberCity3D London data -Video

CityEngine + Cartographer’s Toolkit + CyberCity3D London data -Video

You can get more information from Peterson here.

CityEngine at Speed – Video

CityEngine at Speed – Video

My first video to have a musical background (free from YouTube Library), please accept my apologies if it gets annoying…

The video itself was first shown at the Geodesign Summit in Redlands in January 2013, it got a laugh as it was speeded up, I suggested at the time using Benny Hill music over the top but chickened out for this version…