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Analysing you the reader….

Analysing you the reader….

So I like Google Analytics, as it makes me feel like these pages are being read by someone.   What always surprises me is why people come here, I wonder what it tells me about the world…

Do people really still use the old HP DesignJet 500?  How do people not know how to export attribute tables to Excel in ArcGIS?   That Feature Construction toolbar must piss people off, yes?!

This months (12th March – 11th April) top pages are very similar to last months:

Page Title Pageviews
1. HP DesignJet 500 and Windows 7: Yes it does work even without the HPGL2 card! | GeoPlanIT 1,737 31.33%
2. GeoPlanIT 774 13.96%
3. Export attribute tables from ArcGIS to Excel. | GeoPlanIT 360 6.49%
4. PhotoShop: Unknown or invalid JPEG marker type… | GeoPlanIT 258 4.65%
5. To Unity and Beyond? QGIS, ArcGIS, SketchUp Pro/Free, CityEngine and Unity | GeoPlanIT 136 2.45%
6. ArcGIS 10 – Turn Off the “Feature Construction” toolbar. | GeoPlanIT 130 2.34%
7. cityengine | GeoPlanIT 96 1.73%
8. A very quick Rule Wizard for CityEngine tutorial | GeoPlanIT 95 1.71%
9. ArcGIS : Using Query Builder to display certain features (multiple) | GeoPlanIT 92 1.66%
10. Solution: Very slow printer dialog boxes in Windows (network printers) | GeoPlanIT 69 1.24%
GeoPlanIT goes Mobile! (or how to get your blogger site mobile enabled)

GeoPlanIT goes Mobile! (or how to get your blogger site mobile enabled)

My new phone
(image from HRC)

Update: Uh oh @mapsgirl has kindly pointed out that if you use Disqus for your comments on blogger then you won’t be able to get comments to your posts via disqus on the mobile site (the default blogger comments system seems unaffected)

Just a quick news item that if you are visiting this site with a mobile/cell phone you will see a specially formatted site!

How did I do this miracle of modern wizardry you ask?

Use a barcode scanner

Simple I switched my blogger dashboard (goto to draft and then under settings — Email & Mobile checked the following:

Yes, show the mobile version of my template on mobile devices.

Quite easy really…
My little #Kindle Hidden Feature post and some statistics…

My little #Kindle Hidden Feature post and some statistics…

I thought I might write a quick post after what I thought was a pretty limited interest piece on my Kindle.  Okay it was about some hidden features, but really I wasn’t expecting this.  I thought a quick summary of my website statistics was in order.

So up until yesterday my most popular post was this one :
HP DesignJet 500 and Windows 7: Yes it does work even without the HPGL2 card!
It had about 420 pageviews in its life time (I keep getting comments on this post, which is nice).

Now my post yesterday :
Kindle 3 some hidden features
This got over 4500 pageviews, yesterday alone.

All I can say is wow, I thought this was a bit odd so I did some checking…. I have a “who’s among us” (see bottom of page) counter and had a look earlier today at the history:

As you can see at the height of yesterdays visitations I had 114 visitors on my site at one stage.
Now I know that statistics for websites aren’t an exact science, but I guess this post hit some interest nerve in people (and hit the right website listings!).   I do have referral information and it seemed traffic came from some ‘technical’ sites and news boards.   I also saw that if you type in “kindle 3 hidden” in Google this site is third on the list, hurrah!

Well that’s it, I just thought it was interesting to see how the correct content can drive visitors to your site.   A big thank you to all those who visited and left comments, it’s really appreciated!  I hope future posts of mine can be deemed as interesting and of value to people.

Opinion and Info: Google Enables Maps Navigation for UK users

Opinion and Info: Google Enables Maps Navigation for UK users

Okay this is really only relevant if you have an Android phone with 1.6 or above on it (like my HTC Magic).  As reported on The Guardian by Jemima Kiss:

Google’s satnav killer – now released for the UK
In November 2009, it was the launch that satnav manufacturers were dreading; Google Maps Navigation, which effectively turned any mobile phone into a GPS navigation tool but with the familiar features and ease of use of Google Maps. And it’s also free.

You can read the story by following this link

For those with Android phones (1.6 and above) if you have the most recently updated Maps version you should be able to get directions from A to B and there will be an option to ‘Navigate’, click on this and away you go….

I’m not really sold on the idea that this is a satnav killer, sure it’s good and free (and worries people like Garmin and TomTom).   However, it does however require you to have a good internet connection.   That is great when you are in the more populated areas, but you trying using google maps in a GPRS only area! Or better yet somewhere with patchy mobile coverage i.e. the countryside.

Perhaps I should quote Google as well when I first click on Navigate:

Google Maps Navigation is in beta. Use caution.
Do not manipulate this application while driving.   Traffic data is not real-time, and directions may be wrong dangerous, prohibited or involve ferries.
Keep your eyes on the road!

So why Google would I use it? It looks like this software for my phone may get me injured, arrested or on a ferry!

Don’t get me wrong I love Google Maps especially on my phone (I’ve used it when I need a location of a shop in town), but for navigation whilst driving an application like CoPilot Live is much better.  For starters I don’t need an internet connection to find my way!  Incidently

For more information on Google Maps and it’s navigation features goto

Interested in tall trees? Explore the Redwoods with Custom Google Maps

Interested in tall trees? Explore the Redwoods with Custom Google Maps

This is an interesting use of Google Maps, it looks like it is wrapped in Flash, but it uses nice transitions and has some good information.

Streetview goes 3D? Or is it another April fools??

Streetview goes 3D? Or is it another April fools??

Exploring streets in my area this morning I’ve noticed that we have a new button, 3D! Of course today is Friday for me so is this an April fools?  I need some 3D glasses to figure that one out I think….

Google Maps Street View: Complete Coverage of UK?

Google Maps Street View: Complete Coverage of UK?

Okay sorry for the lack of posts but I was in Germany at a friends wedding (followed by a little holiday).

Wow, that’s a lot of photos!  Check out Streetview on Google Maps UK, they’ve even driven on single track lanes in the middle of nowhere!  Don’t believe me?   Then type in Sedbergh, or Dent in Cumbria and have a drive around some the back lanes.

View Larger Map

Whilst I love streetview the only use I’ve found for it is looking at where I might stay on holiday!

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Opinion: Google Buzz? Sorry but no thank you…

Opinion: Google Buzz? Sorry but no thank you…

Okay I’m fairly new on the internet social scene and I reluctantly have a facebook account.   However Google just switched on this fairly intrusive twitter like thing called Buzz that automatically opted me in for lots of personal data sharing.

Don’t get me wrong I like Google, and I think Gmail is a fantastic email tool (I also like blogger!).  You may have also seen I own an Android phone (I like the way it syncs with my email and contacts).   This move just seems too far, for starters it was automatically put in my gmail account (I didn’t ask for it) and then it latched itself onto my contacts… as others have said you may email lots of people but that doesn’t mean you like them!

Considering my opinion above it is a bit odd that after rejecting this Buzz thing that I’m also upset that whilst they go live with this tool they have not seen fit to develop a native application for their own android phone OS (unless you have 2.0+).  Yet the iPhone they do!   Sure I get that the iPhone is popular but I thought they wanted Android to succeed.  Again I like Android but if they’re not going to update the OS so it can have a shelf life of more than a few months I probably will buy an iPhone in future….

Just my two pence, now move along nothing to see here…