Saturday, December 5, 2020


Welcome to GeoPlanIT

Geography Planning Information Technology, not a very clever title in the world of blogging I know.  However, you have to start somewhere and this is at the very least descriptive.  The intention of this blog is to discuss themes related to 3D, geodesign, technology, geography and urban planning, and of course, ArcGIS CityEngine.

If you have an interesting and relevant technology or news item, or a job posting and you want me to take a look at it and possibly write about it drop me a message.



GD3D CityEngine Training for Professionals

CityEngine training (and consultancy) from the experts at GD3D, here in the Yorkshire Dales, at Esri UK's HQ in Aylesbury, or with you in your offices, and online!

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Occasionally people and companies have approached me asking if I know anyone with CityEngine and/or GIS/Geodesign/planning skills who would be interested in employment. ...

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