Disclaimer and Privacy (of sorts)

Oh here I go again talking positively about CityEngine, you probably starting to wonder whether I get paid by ESRI as some kind of ‘soft marketing’ effort.   Truth be told ‘they’ (ESRI, ESRIUK, GISTEC and others) have helped pay for my travel & accommodation expenses to the occasional conference (my company is small and can’t afford it all…).   Standard practice really, no one has ever asked me to modify or edit my presentations, blog posts or anything else.   The words I write and speak are mine alone based on my enthusiasm for a product and my experience using it. I would make these presentations and write this blog regardless.    The fact is I think CityEngine is a great product and one of my services I offer is CityEngine consulting and training.  So of course I’m in the promotion game for myself and my company.


The information and opinion on this blog are for general information purposes. Whilst I strive for perfection I must confess to being only human and therefore you can assume that most posts will have mistakes in them.

Any opinion, expressed here is purely my own and almost always incorrect, for this I apologise in advance. I must also advise readers when following my sometimes poorly worded guidance to please be careful and exercise some common sense. If you are not sure about a piece of information, you can drop me a message (or not follow it).

As to links to other websites contained on this site, surprisingly, I have no control over them.    If I did I would get some to blog for me.   As far as I know none of them will be a security risk or have malware/viruses on them.

However may I recommend you protect yourself, just in case (anti-virus/spyware/malware and phishing software is easily available and sometimes free!)?  I can recommend (but not necessarily use):

  1. Mcafee SiteAdvisor or Web Of Trust
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials or Norton
  3. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

That is all now move along please…


I use Google Analytics and my hosting package’s admin panel to let me know who you are where you come from, oh and what browser you use.   I also often know what search terms you used.   I do not know or wish to know who you are as an individual (unless you want to introduce yourself), I’m sure some companies can tell who you are and what you had for breakfast but I can’t.   I use the analytics more as an ego boost really (along with Klout).    Surprisingly my most popular post is to do with a plotter and Windows 7…