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So today I booted up my Windows 7 laptop only to find that instead of the two login options (My account and Guest) there is now a “other user” account.   Now I’ve been here before with other issues and the obvious response is to think virus or malware.   But I’m pretty careful about the stuff I put on my PC and the websites I visit, so I logged in and raced to Google for a search for people with the same issue.

I couldn’t think of any recent software I’d installed plenty of Windows updates nothing else really…. anyway I found this very useful post

“Windows 7 login screen only showing last logged-on user and “Other user””

Now before you follow all the instructions here (beware you will be using registry edit!) just to let you know I only deleted the .DEFAULT directory in  “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList”.   Before you do this I recommend that you export the directory you’re about to delete in the registry just in case you need to reinstall it.

Reading the comments below this very useful post you can see the common thread seems to be the install of FlipHD software….ah now I understand I didn’t install any new software recently I just update flipshare…

Well thank you to Jon Gjengset on his Tech That! blog…. and thank you search engine for finding the solution for me so quickly.

Moral of this story? There isn’t one silly!  This is a technical Windows 7 problem not a moral dilemma.   I would say however not every problem is virus related…  in fact a lot of problems/issues are caused by updates or software you just installed.


  1. When I logon in Windows 7, I get a “Other User” icon. How do I get rid of this or go to the normal window?

    Thank you!

  2. Yeah, I’ve just gotten my PC up and running again too after getting it back, not going into it but was moving got went on it and it shows my name “User” and now I have this other account show up “other user”

    What the hay is going on. I found some ways of getting rid of it and maybe even trying to access it. Although access it may prove to be harmful I may try anyway. Virus Shmirish. I’m going in.

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