I know this has nothing to do with my usual 3D, CityEngine, mapping, and planning posts.  But as I’ve said before this blog is a bit of a glorified diary for myself and a place I store notes.  The tip of course, is not specific to just governors but hey I’ve found it useful in this context… 

You may see a few more posts like this and more related to my role, I thought I’d contribute to the #VisibleGovernance campaign just started by the National Governance Association here in the UK.   They’re “planning a year of celebrating the power of governance, the people that volunteer for the role and the value that good governance brings to the school system.”

We’re encouraging governors and trustees to be bold and be positive about sharing what they do and why they do it, highlight their contribution to the education system and shine a light on the difference that good governance makes to the success of their school/trust.

Okay I’m a primary school governor and with that responsibility comes some workload and associated communications.  Mostly that centres around Office 365 which gives us individual email addresses and access to shared documents (onedrive).  On top of that I have various accounts for online training and NGA membership etc.. I like my role as a governor and I like it in large part as it is quite separate from the work I do on a day to day basis.  However there is a big challenge managing and separating all of this out mentally and organisationally.

Personally I like to keep things separate especially for privacy and ensuring I don’t use the wrong email address for work/governor purposes!  

So here it is: I use my web browsers ‘profiles’ function to separate my website bookmarks/passwords and search histories.  It’s solely for my work PC and I don’t need to have a separate login. I am not using this to sync between PCs..  I’ve created two shortcuts to my web browser on my desktop one for work and the other for School Governor stuff, each loads up different default pages and has saved separately passwords, it might not work for everyone but does for me.