This is a quick post, so I won’t write much here. Read more about this years EsriUC here.

CityEngine/ArcGIS Urban Esri Technical

ArcGIS CityEngine: Introduction to Procedural Modeling and Exploartory Analysis:

What’s New in ArcGIS Urban 2.0

ArcGIS Urban for Smart Cities

General 3D Esri Technical

3D across ArcGIS

3D on the Web with ArcGIS

A Deep Dive into 3D Analysis Options

Creating Orthoimages, DTMs and 3D mesh in ArcGIS

Web 3D

User Presentations

Building Economic Resiliency with ArcGIS Urban: City of Littleton, CO

On a side not Unreal Fest happened in the same week and had some interesting sessions, I think you can still sign up and see recordings:;F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=7C1EDF0E-E79A-499C-AC36-24C8EC99FB43

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