Testing a new web application, don’t worry the Burj Khalifa is not coming to Lancaster!

I’ve been working on a project with Lancaster University’s ImaginationLancaster’s Dr Paul Cureton.  We’re calling it Lancaster City Information Model (LCIM), it’s not a Digital Twin yet!  Initially it starts with a sizeable 3D data purchase (3D Geospatial data) from CyberCity3D.  We’ve also released this as OpenData adding to an increasing list of 3D city building data.

Line Of Sight custom application for 3D Geodesign under development

From this we’re working on a series of projects but also hoping to enable other people to innovate in the area.  We’ve got data so far for Lancaster City Centre, Morecambe (yes that Morecambe which will hopefully have Eden Project North, and Lancaster University’s campus.)