I’ve just written on twitter about how my ‘cartography’ ArcGIS Pro project folder is gigabytes of styles, imagery and data.  This week I’ve been looking at WarrenDz’s new ArcGIS Pro style (which I hear is work in progress!).

So it turns out us geography, mapping, GIS types like our artistic side projects quite a bit.  I’ve already done some work on styles which I wrote about here:

Sure the style says dimension line but whats to stop me using it as a road symbology?

So I’ve downloaded his style from here and added it to my ArcGIS Pro project styles. Naturally I’ve turned the Ordnance Survey Open Zoomstack dataset here in the UK to trial the data.

I know it’s unfair to review what is work in progress but I like what I see so far.  I like the relatively clean but sketchy lines.  I’d like to see more on for roads though…  This kind of style for Architecture, Planning and landscape professions will be useful.  The beauty of styles is that once you have it you can start to modify them to your data and requirements (subject to appropriate permissions of course!).  

I can see this becoming a nice little community of people creating and sharing styles for people to make new and beautiful maps.  I’d urge you to check out work from John Nelson as well for the art of what’s possible, also he does fantastic tutorials!

Anyway follow WarrenDz on twitter and keep an eye out for his style updates… in the meantime you can download his latest work from here.

Sedbergh data using WarrenDz’s DraftSketch style…… I didn’t say I was good at this.