Well, it has been a hell of a week so far and life for some of us is moving faster than we’d like.  With much of my professional and social network confined to home working we face new challenges.   I work from home a lot anyway but this is different and I think I’ll need some social contact with people who have like minded interests.  I primarily follow people on social media with interests in the geospatial working across a range of industries and organisations from individuals to large organisations.  I think I want a to chat with them in person a bit more.

So I have as part of work access to an Amazon Chime account a videoing conferencing tool that allows meetings of up to 100 people using different devices (web browser or mobile app).  I need to use it a bit more anyway and I think this would provide a good starting point (technology wise) for me to invite people for informal discussions.  I’m starting small and I’ve called it #GEOMugs because here in the UK we always have a tea or coffee break (which we use a mug for), also ‘mug’ can be used to mean someones face (I have an ugly mug) and I think I’d like to chat with people face-to-face if possible.

So here’s the plan for me: on the occasional weekday at around 11am GMT I or someone else will start holding on Amazon Chime informal chats over a mug (probably tea) of something, in the UK a refreshment at 11 is called ‘Elevenses‘.  It’s informal and meant to be around only 30 minutes or so.  I propose we use the hashtag #GEOMugs and give a topic, a time, a time frame, and a link to the meeting room.  Let me be clear you don’t have to talk you can just wave and listen (maybe introduce yourself though). Also I don’t expect us to talk 100% about work at all.

But if you think that’s fun and a good idea, why don’t you do similar and host your own?  Use your own software and use the hashtag, but make sure you gives us some details about when and how long and see where it goes!   Let’s not make it a sales pitch though I think!

Drop me a message if you need help connecting, one of our particpants used an iPhone after install the Amazon Chime app she didn’t need a login/password just the meeting link.

Actually so far I’ve done this twice and really enjoyed it, if you have access to twitter look for the hashtag #GEOMugs.

  • 18th March “Elevenses” @ 11am (planned 30 mins went for an hour) Thanks to everyone for attending
  • 19th “Elevenses” @ 11am (planned and lasted for 30mins approx) Thanks to everyone for attending and for the screenshare of one participant.


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