I’ve been playing with my new ‘Craftsman’ style CityEngine rules in other workflows and pipelines.  The one I’m working through at the moment is some experimental renders, I know there are a lot of issues here but I’m not yet interested in spending hours working and tweaking my rendering program to get ‘just’ the right level of detail and dirt (there are better professionals than I for that).  It’s still amazing to me that these are proper GIS based models (they mostly designed to work with GIS data in ArcGISPro) with real dymanic metrics being now used to produce something that looks quite good (well I think it does).

I like how these renders make my craftsman style models look like something you may print out via a 3D printer.  Okay it I know it looks toy-like, and is somewhat dated in terms of visual renders etc.. (I’m not a entertainment industry/graphic artist professional) but I still like it.  Also apologies for over use of Depth of Field effect….



  1. Elliot

    Looks very good to me. I have had a few weeks not having time to use cityengine, just getting back into it. Curently working on relocating a concrete products factor. Visual analysis tools are great.

  2. Nice progress. These models look like they could be very good in city official community plans as well as part of land developer’s development options for reviews with communities as part of city council approval process.
    Being able to use zoning height/setbacks, building footprints, lidar terrain and satellite imagery along with renders like these make it much more useful in town hall discussions as well as online reviews by residents, businesses and council.

    • Porches can be created in several ways, the approach depends on how much control you want on the position and size of the porch though… It depends what your ‘use case’ is, what you’re trying to achieve, and how much time you have… Is this a visualisation project or is there more going on? Are you trying to model existing or future builds? This probably needs a deeper discussion!

      • Understood!
        Thank you for your response. I will try and create a draft plan for myself to try and pick apart the key components of the project and appropriate Use Cases.

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