This is not the post you were looking for....
This is not the post you were looking for….

So you came here wondering what side project I’ve got going on that I have to refer to a fairy tale?   Sorry to disappoint I’m still talking CityEngine.  Specifically it’s ability to take planning standards and work with them…

In this rule file I’ve fed a parking standard (1 space per 23 square metres of floor space) into a lot divided into a building and parking area.  When the buildings (parking garage and building) achieve the required standards (within a tolerance of course!) then they change colour from transparent red to white.

I’m going to be using this type of rule file a lot I think in the next year or so.  It’s adaptable and one that goes beyond a pretty model…


  1. This is a great step for visualizing the feasibility of buildings within codes that have parking requirements tied to floor areas that change with particular uses. Of course this can be complicated by having multiple uses per building that have different parking requirements (i.e. Residential, office space, and retail in one building).

    Thanks for sharing Elliot!


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