ce_2013_transitI have been cleaning up my extensive rule library and I’ve finally got to my infrastructure rule set.   Since I’ve been doing some webscenes of downtown Miami, I thought I would try out this new cleaned up rule.   This can be used to model a high speed rail, regular rail and also light rail systems.

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Don’t worry Miami this is just a demo webscene, I’m not aware of any high speed rail network coming near you!

3D Building Data from CyberCity3D

CyberCity Black


  1. Hi Elliot. I know this is an old post but this still a great visualization of a rail system! Do you still have the infrastructure rule?

    • Hi Soren, It’s an old post I know 🙂 Yes I have the rule file somewhere although I’d probably improve on it a little now. I’ll send you an email to connect if that’s okay.

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