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Opinion and Info: Google Enables Maps Navigation for UK users

Opinion and Info: Google Enables Maps Navigation for UK users

Okay this is really only relevant if you have an Android phone with 1.6 or above on it (like my HTC Magic).  As reported on The Guardian by Jemima Kiss:

Google’s satnav killer – now released for the UK
In November 2009, it was the launch that satnav manufacturers were dreading; Google Maps Navigation, which effectively turned any mobile phone into a GPS navigation tool but with the familiar features and ease of use of Google Maps. And it’s also free.

You can read the story by following this link

For those with Android phones (1.6 and above) if you have the most recently updated Maps version you should be able to get directions from A to B and there will be an option to ‘Navigate’, click on this and away you go….

I’m not really sold on the idea that this is a satnav killer, sure it’s good and free (and worries people like Garmin and TomTom).   However, it does however require you to have a good internet connection.   That is great when you are in the more populated areas, but you trying using google maps in a GPRS only area! Or better yet somewhere with patchy mobile coverage i.e. the countryside.

Perhaps I should quote Google as well when I first click on Navigate:

Google Maps Navigation is in beta. Use caution.
Do not manipulate this application while driving.   Traffic data is not real-time, and directions may be wrong dangerous, prohibited or involve ferries.
Keep your eyes on the road!

So why Google would I use it? It looks like this software for my phone may get me injured, arrested or on a ferry!

Don’t get me wrong I love Google Maps especially on my phone (I’ve used it when I need a location of a shop in town), but for navigation whilst driving an application like CoPilot Live is much better.  For starters I don’t need an internet connection to find my way!  Incidently

For more information on Google Maps and it’s navigation features goto