Okay this is really only relevant if you have an Android phone with 1.6 or above on it (like my HTC Magic).  As reported on The Guardian by Jemima Kiss:

Google’s satnav killer – now released for the UK
In November 2009, it was the launch that satnav manufacturers were dreading; Google Maps Navigation, which effectively turned any mobile phone into a GPS navigation tool but with the familiar features and ease of use of Google Maps. And it’s also free.

You can read the story by following this link http://bit.ly/aIx3fC

For those with Android phones (1.6 and above) if you have the most recently updated Maps version you should be able to get directions from A to B and there will be an option to ‘Navigate’, click on this and away you go….

I’m not really sold on the idea that this is a satnav killer, sure it’s good and free (and worries people like Garmin and TomTom).   However, it does however require you to have a good internet connection.   That is great when you are in the more populated areas, but you trying using google maps in a GPRS only area! Or better yet somewhere with patchy mobile coverage i.e. the countryside.

Perhaps I should quote Google as well when I first click on Navigate:

Google Maps Navigation is in beta. Use caution.
Do not manipulate this application while driving.   Traffic data is not real-time, and directions may be wrong dangerous, prohibited or involve ferries.
Keep your eyes on the road!

So why Google would I use it? It looks like this software for my phone may get me injured, arrested or on a ferry!

Don’t get me wrong I love Google Maps especially on my phone (I’ve used it when I need a location of a shop in town), but for navigation whilst driving an application like CoPilot Live is much better.  For starters I don’t need an internet connection to find my way!  Incidently

For more information on Google Maps and it’s navigation features goto http://www.google.com/mobile/navigation/