Following on the back of my last post I have found some more hidden features/functions for the Kindle 3.   As before please be careful using these, I’ve looked at them myself and had no problems.  That doesn’t mean you should do it though, if you are anyway unsure please don’t use these.   That is all!

Okay these little functions bring up some information on your Kindle, they’re not hugely useful as I’m not as what one might call a ‘hacker’ (I’m just a bit geeky) but I like to know what else my Kindle can do.

Navigate to the Settings screen on your Kindle (Menu – Settings, from the home screen):

  1. “Switching Wireless Providers”: type 311 (ALT+EQQ) – I’ve not said okay on this so you try at your own risk!
  2. 411 Page (serial Number MAC address etc): ALT+RQQ
  3. 611 Page (Modem, SIM and Network details) : ALT+YQQ
  4. 711 Page (Connection, Wi-fi and IP):  ALT+UQQ
From the home screen
  • Serial and Barcode displayed: ALT+SHIFT+. (period)
Bonus! Using the experimental web browser, when the page you are viewing is bigger than the screen (e.g, BBC full site and zoomed in).
  • ALT+J scroll right
  • ALT+H scroll left
That’s it for now, hope you are all still enjoying your Kindle 3!


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