Interesting issue I’ve come across going back and forth from CityEngine to ArcGIS.   Importing a file geodatabase (GDB) CityEngine doesn’t see my results from smoothing edits.

How I thought it was drawn...
  1. Draw a feature in ArcGIS  in a File Geodatabase (GDB), then run the smooth tool on the Advanced Editing toolbar.
  2. Import the File GeoDatabase into CityEngine (when doing an import it seems you have to click back and then forward to refresh the GDB contents…).
  3. Now look at the same feature in CityEngine, it’s not straight is it?

    That's not how I thought I did it....
  4. So export the feature as a shapefile instead and import into CityEngine, the feature retains its smoothness.

Not sure whether its a bug or my misunderstanding of a feature… I guess a smooth is described in a GDB rather than drawn, whereas shapefiles just draw the feature via vertices.   Either way it’s a good example of knowing the limitations of your file formats!


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