Transport Systems Catapult invited me to present something on Garsdale Design’s work on the 15th March 2017, they’ve now released the video of these sessions on to YouTube mine is embedded below.  I wrote about the event earlier in a blog post  “The Barriers to Building 3D Synthetic Environments” at the Transport Systems Catapult. 

People want and expect their 3D modelled urban environments to be very high quality.  Unfortunately, whilst most of us here work with 3D.  We know that without significant investment of time and money we are not going to achieve such polish easily.

A great big thank you to Ryan Johnston for inviting us and being such a great host!  We greatly enjoyed the event.


Small areas with a lot of detail or large areas with a little detail?  Despite digital 3D urban models being seen everywhere from games, to movies, planning/architectural visualisations, and applications like Google Earth.   Creating 3D urban models with a geospatial element is not as easy as some might think.   The industry is always trying to answer the question with things like meshes, point clouds and gamification but is it working?

Firstly, a detailed understanding of what is meant by a 3D model is required.  levels of detail (LOD) and accuracy need to be assessed against levels of effort as well as the equipment and method of capture available, with the end user being always in mind.   The ability to bring geographic datasets together with fictional datasets poses serious questions (legal, technical and ethical) for those in the 3D urban modelling business as the line between a scientific decisions blurs with the artistic and aesthetic choices we make.  


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