2014-06-11 12.48.20
About 1400 people attended the event… and here they all are…

On the June the 11th 2014 Garsdale Design had it’s first UK conference booth, this was at the Esri UK Annual User Conference.  I’ve been sceptical of the value of this type of thing. I can go to the conference for free and meet people why do I need a booth?   Well I thought we should give it a go anyway.

ws06_3D London by GDL
I may have done a little bit of showing off…. London by CyberCity3D

Thankfully I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the event.   Don’t get me wrong, no solid earth shattering revelations here and no paid jobs (yet) have come of it, but I have been able to meet and show fellow professionals what we can do for them.Main Page

The nature of what I’m offering does feel like I’m a big walking advert for CityEngine.   But that’s okay the more people who have CityEngine naturally means more people will be aware of it’s capabilities and just how much work is required to truly take advantage of this tricky piece of software.

The magic all happened here
The magic all happened here

If I had one criticism, it’s that the booths/kiosks were oddly arranged.   The monitor I had should probably have been on the other side.  In a hall this size no one should really have been behind a column either.. ah well.

As usual the Esri UK staff were great and it felt like a sizeable percentage came up to me to check I was happy!   All sorts of people were interested in my 3D CityEngine demo from planners, to airport employees, mobile communication companies and renewable types.  CityEngine and 3D products can be used in so many areas I sometimes wonder who won’t be interested in seeing what it can do with them.

What I’m discovering is that GIS data in 3D can be a truly compelling medium for many industries.   

Thank you to all those who dropped by and said ‘hello’, if you need more information or a demo just drop me a line….