On the week we’re all waiting (okay just me) for CityEngine 2013 I bought LumenRT Studio and GeoDesign plugin.  Why?  Well I like Lumion but the upgrade to the latest version would have been expensive and I was looking for proper CityEngine integration or at least an understanding of what I’m doing from a renderer.  Lumion is good at smaller models for architects (it still has a place here) but LumenRT seems geared to larger models like the ones I’m making.

Initial impressions are very good you still need to know CityEngine but LumenRT makes it quite easy to move from a basic model to something that’s nicely rendered and you can fly around.   The project I am working on at the moment is the biggest most detailed model I’ve ever done and LumenRT for the most part just copes.


I’ll probably do a bigger and better review when this project I’m working on is finished, in the meantime here are some nice screenshots I’ve made (apologies for the all night time shots, it helps cover a multitude of sins).



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