Auto-texturing in CityEngine & export to LumenRT

Auto-texturing in CityEngine & export to LumenRT

Update : Now with added video

Just a quick progress report:  The LumenRT stock rule files and textures with simple modifications can be used on other projects.   I’m using CyberCity3D’s

RealLondon3D data here which I’ve very quickly used a texturing rule file and then exported out to LumenRT.

It’s fun to get to this quality of render in under 15 minutes…
Some textures have not been as successful as others
Night time effects can hide most mistakes…
LumenRT comes with models and rule files that add real lighting effects
I wish CItyEngine could handle terrains better….

2 thoughts on “Auto-texturing in CityEngine & export to LumenRT

  1. Hello,
    CityEngine 2016.1 and LumenRT 2015.5 it looks like when i’m exporting using the Lumenrt CityEngine plugin i get can’t create file error. I’m going to sort it in one week but if you can now explain would be nice.
    Thanks in advance.

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