Word+AutoCAD = productivity?

Do you have a copy of AutoCAD LT (2006 or other) and  need to insert an image/photo into your layout or data view?  Do you not want to purchase a full version of AutoCAD?  Well you’re in luck as there is an easy way to do it!.

First you need the following :
  • AutoCAD LT (I have 2006 but this may work with other versions)
  • Microsoft Word (I have version 2007 but other versions or alternative office programs may well work)
  • A photo or image (jpg or otherwise) that you want to insert.
  • Some knowledge of Microsoft Windows…
Follow these steps to get images in your AutoCAD drawing:
  1. Open Word and preferably create a new blank document. 
  2. Insert or copy+paste (crtl+c then crtl+v) an image into the Word document.
  3. Select the newly pasted image in word and …
  4. Either 
    • right click –> Copy or 
    • Ctrl+C or 
    • Home Tab Click ‘Copy’
  5. Open or switch to AutoCAD LT and the data/layout view you want the image in and….
  6. Either
    • right-click –> Paste or
    • Crtl+V or
    • Edit Menu –> Paste
Simple, yes?   
As usual if this doesn’t work for you or there is a better work flow just add a comment to the bottom of this post!