This is interesting, I was looking at viewing CityEngine web scenes on my iPad and apparently it is capable (webGL is supported in adverts) but only if you jailbreak it.    I’m not really prepared to go down that route, I might break it and then my 3.5 year old daughter would be mad at me.

So I looked at weather my new Samsung Galaxy S3 could view webGL content.   Well no it can’t by default except when you download the beta version of Chrome Beta for Android!   What you do is install Chrome Beta and type into the address bar Chrome://flags and then enable webGL, of course then you point your Chrome Beta browser at your favourite CityEngine webscene.   So far it seems ok, there are times when the 3D is a bit sluggish, the big issue is that you can’t navigate the model by touch, so you have to really on the bookmarks.  Also the slider for moving between two scenes doesn’t work.   My guess is this can be programmed in, as soon as one of ESRI’s nice CityEngine developers (who read this blog?) feel like a quick side project for me….. ? 🙂

Don’t believe me?  Here are some screen shots (not got a 3D view as the screen capture software won’t let me… I’ll try again later)



  1. Elliot,
    Firefox for Android (not in Beta) has full support for WebGL – you might want to try that.

  2. Hi Elliot,

    I had some trouble with the Chrome Beta and the Firefox browsers on Galaxy 10.1 tab. Both of them opened the web scene but failed to draw the features. Eventually Opera Mobile was the browser that allowed me to access the scene.

    Thanks for the informative blog,


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