Now to get those rules sorted out ….

Just a quick update on what I’m up to…

With the latest release of CityEngine I’ve come back and downloaded the trial to have another go after my previous attempt left me a little stumped.

Well this time round I’m looking seriously at using CityEngine as part of our work flow.   I see real potential for it to change how we go about creating urban area plans as well as presenting them at the end.

The main problem for small firms like the one I work for (Garsdale Design Limited) is time.   Time spent laying out new urban areas to fit in with population projections and Planning Standards (if that’s how you want to do it).   Larger firms have more resources to pull in to work on the repetitive tasks, but as a smaller firm we don’t have that luxury.

What could happen here is to take the mundane part of the job and allow for creativity to be focused on key areas/spaces and buildings whilst knowing that the street and residential layouts with appropriate servicing are all being done automatically, based on our special rule book!

CityEngine doesn’t do everything but you do have full control for example, it allows you to drag your street network and rebuild plots automatically and on the fly…

So how am I doing this time around? Much better, the interface has I think improved and it feels less buggy.  I’d still like to see more clearly laid out manual and tutorials, but I guess all this is easier if you come from a programming back ground.

For Examples of CityEngine’s potential in planning have a look at their showcases: