Okay you already know I’m a big fan of these two software packages, it’s just so quick to get final models from them.   Anyway  I thought I’d share a couple of CityEngine/Lumion renders with you.

I’m still using Lumion Free in my spare time, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be purchasing this software to produce imagery for some of our projects.   It’s just so easy to make good looking scenes with these two packages, and quickly too!

Oddly I’m really proud of the satellite dishes, not their placement but the rotation which in CityEngine I can do globally so every dish can point in the right direction.   This method can be used for other objects such as TV aerials or even whole buildings such as Mosques.


  1. Hi. I’ve downloaded Lumion and am trying to import my CityEngine models. I export my models to Collada but Lumion is unable to see them. It reads and imports the model but doesn’t display the models when using the “Change object” function. The same goes for my models in Sketch Up. It imports an invisible collada model into Setch Up.

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong in CE before export? Any ideas?



    • Is it something to do with the export options in CityEngine? I had issues importing util I realised I need to centre the model on export (press the Center button under Misc Options in the export dialogue box).

      Verify that you’re sending it using the correct settings try checking the “triangulate meshes” check box as well or using the preset export settings.

      Let me know if this works, thanks!

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