Okay please excuse me whilst I engage smug mode …. perhaps I should ask for more in my blogs!  If you’re not sure why I said that, read this: “Will you SketchUp your CityEngine, please?

The new 2012.1 CityEngine!

Okay so I was asking for it to be made easier to use, not to just put in some rudimentary 3D modelling/editing tools into CityEngine (like SketchUp’s…), but it’s a start!

Push/Pull tool anyone?

As this screenshot from the Mid-Morning Plenary at this years ESRIUC in San Diego shows that’s what they’ve done.   I hope they made it so that the model you create is described as a CGA rule so you can use it elsewhere but I doubt it..

Looks like there might be some distance measuring capabilities in there too at last, as it’s a much needed feature.   When a manual model is created it seems that the length of the line is displayed.

There are some other icons also along that toolbar as well so I’m very curious to know what they are.

One thing that puzzles me is the lack of a beta program for CityEngine, I’ve asked and been told there isn’t one.  However the guys at Honolulu seem to be getting the latest releases… is this a government customer thing?

I’ll be posting more on this later and perhaps some thoughts on what the guys in Honolulu are doing.  I’m particularly interested in there public consultation ideas…


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