Sometimes I do 3D stuff in GIS…

Coming up is what I call ‘geo conference’ week.  EsriUK’s Annual Conference held in the QEII Conference Centre (21 May) and at the same time but over 2 days is The GEO Business (21-22nd May).  In past years EsriUK’s conference has been super busy and conflicts with GEO Business a little.  As I’m coming down from Cumbria I have to manage my time wisely but I will be at the EsriUK event on the 21st and then on the 22nd at GEO Business.

Things I’m looking for this year in geo-conference week, mainly covers much of what I do at work (no surprise!): 

  • Actually GIS and education, my new role as a school Governor (albeit a primary school one) has got me thinking about what’s out there.
  • Obviously seeing what people are doing in 3D urban modelling and having chats about CityEngine
  • Proptech and plantech solutions.
  • BIM and GIS integration 
Some badges maybe available…

If you want to meet up at EsriUK’s event on the 21st or at GEO Business on the 22nd, you can send me a message on social media twitter, LinkedIn or using the EsriUK conference app if you’re feeling adventurous.  Happy to chat about 3D geospaital, urban modelling, smart cities, City Information Models, and of course Esri CityEngine training and consultancy.