Well you may have noticed I’m quite partial to all things CityEngine!  With that in mind I’m starting to put some of my rule files and functions on this site as well as adding tips and tricks for the marvellous city modelling software.

If you look at the top menu bar there you will see a new menu heading called “CityEngine Info” feel free to explore!

Personally I always look on the Procedural/CityEngine help file then the forums.   But I have thought that it would be nice to set up some kind of resource so that people can copy the code they need for a project.   The forums go some way to do this but I think there is room for me!

Remember if you are really stuck Procedural provide really good support (or have for me anyway) and if you use one of their support packages they can help you write code for you!

Anyway click here to go the new section of my blog, I hope this will get bigger and more useful in time.   I hope that people will help and contribute and discuss on these pages but it’s not essential!