GISWORX2015 Conference, Dubai

GISWORX2015 Conference, Dubai


This conference has turned into my favourite GIS conference, and not just because the conference lunch buffet is the best  ever!  

2015-04-21 13.05.16
I told Matthias this conference had great food…

Like all geo/GIS related conferences I’ve been to, there is a tremendous buzz about everyone’s work.   It seems that GIS people do enjoy their chosen profession.   The great thing about GIS is that whilst united by a love of mapping technologies the person next to you can be in a completely different industry.   That means that I get to meet utility GIS people and heritage GIS people on the same day. Workflows and best practices from one industry ends up inspiring new ideas for my work.

‘Smart Cities and 3D’

Smart Cities need Smart 3D Basemaps

Previous years I have had some good conversations about 3D urban modelling, obviously my specialism in CityEngine has been of interest to people who want 3D.   However this year we saw a massive interest in 3D modelling from GIS, planning and utility perspectives, thankfully Matthias was there to help handle all these interactions.    It’s pretty obvious why there’s more interest this year, his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision to transform Dubai into a Smart City is a driving force.   It’s not just Dubai either Abu Dhabi wants this too.  Smart Cities clearly need smart datasets and this invariably means 3D urban modelling of existing and planned environments.   Esri’s CityEngine software is a key content producer for this sort of thing.

2015-04-21 08.40.14
We did actually stand at the booth honestly!

We had an exhibitor booth which Matthias and I manned, we were pretty much busy everyday which was fantastic.  Lots of interesting conversations were had.  If you came and chatted with us, thank you!

Workshop – Mind The Gap

2015-04-23 14.44.21

Our workshop at GISWORX was intended to be a hands-on quick exploration of the power of CityEngine and how it can be used to fill those gaps in your 3D data.  3D captured data is still expensive so the premise was that you can use your existing 2D data in a new 3D context using CityEngine.  Unfortunately we had technical issues so this ended up being a detailed demo from myself and Matthias.  In many ways this was better as it enabled us to quickly explore some of the key advantages to using CityEngine for 3D content creation.

At the end of the session we had a great Q&A session which was fantastic and gave us insight into other peoples work and requirements.  


2015-04-22 20.43.42
Thank you GISTEC


I’d like to end by recognising the tremendous amount of work that goes into putting this conference on.  Yes I’m sure there were mistakes and lessons to be learnt as there always is.  Our friends and partner GISTEC did a great job, introducing us to new people and taking care of us, Matthias and I would like to say thank you.


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