Making sure you backup your files is vital, being able to take work home with you is also important.   That’s where this tool called SyncToy comes in useful, yes it is a microsoft product, but it is small quick and free.  I personally don’t like automatic backup software because I have to set a rigid time for when it backsup, oh and I like to be in control!

Basically it can help you ensure anything on your computer is copied to a backup device, but the clever thing is   that it analyses any changes and only copies the files that are new or changed.  It also retains your directory structure.

I strongly recommend it, but be careful to set it up right!   I use it to copy everything from my work folder to a network drive (NAS) and an external hard disk using the ‘echo’ function.   Basically anything on my work folder (on the left) is reproduced on my NAS or external HD (on the right).

My top tip:
It’s not really backup software so always use the preview button first (so I can be sure its not copying over something I need!). 

You can get it from Microsofts site by here: SyncToy, or by searching for “SyncToy 2.1”.

Here I am writing this post not realising we now have a version 2.1!  I was browsing Download Squad when I saw this article I honestly had no idea when I was writing this topical post!