It’s finally here and I have very little time to blog about it, how about a change log cut ‘n’ paste instead? It seems more stable and has sorted some of the export issues out.


CGA Changelog

CGAC 1.2
new features:

  • offset, roofGable, roofHip, roofShed operations: holes in polygons are now supported.
  • setback operation: new syntax for selecting uv sets and new uv-based selectors uv.left, uv.right, uv.bottom, uv.top; uv coordinates and vertex normals are not deleted anymore but interpolated for new inner vertices.
  • tileUV operation: using 0 for the textureWidth or the textureHeight parameter protects that coordinate from beeing touched.

changes to existing features:

  • import: attr value propagation logic was simplified.


  • import: resolving assets from cross-project imports failed in some cases (imports which imported a cga file from the same directory). This was fixed in the cga compiler (CGAC), so existing rpks should be updated.
  • assetApproxRatio, assetApproxSize, assetBestRatio, assetBestSize, assetFitSize, fileRandom, imageApproxRatio, imageBestRatio functions: fixed a bug which led to wrong asset lookups if imported from a different project.
  • geometry.angle function: fixed a bug which led to wrong results.
  • fileSearch operation:
    • hits in the current project were reported in relative path notation; this got changed to absolute workspace paths again.
    • crash fixed if illegal regexps were used in attr initialization
    • spaces within qoutes were broken
  • initialShape attributes returned wrong values if used in const / attr functions.
  • comp operation: for polygons with holes, the border, insider selectors and the = operator were buggy.
  • imageInfo function: does not crash anymore on empty filename.
  • imagesSortRatio function: does not crash anymore on empty fileList.
  • split operation: fixed a bug which led to deletion of the last leaf of a uv-split in some cases.
  • inside function: fixed a bug which led to wrong results.
  • Fixed a bug connected to inter-model occlusion of vertically distant initial shapes

Python Changelog

Status Commands
new setFirstEdge
new setStreetEdges
new separateFaces
new setCameraPoI
new combineShapes
new get/setExportedContent in CEWebSceneExportModelSettings
new get/setReportMode in DAEExportModelSettings and KMLExportModelSettings
new get/setFacesWithHoles, get/setTriangulatedMeshes in FGDBExportModelSettings
new/changed get/setStreetWidthSettings* in GrowStreetSettings
changed New argument in addAttributeLayer to add georeferenced textures.
changed *StreetWidth* changed to *StreetLanes* in AnalyzeGraphSetings


That’s all for now!  More when I’m not deep in work 🙂