This is a quick top tip for a problem which has been bugging me for some time.

EDIT: This is my 100th post!  Where’s the cake?

Someone on twitter called @longcreative said “Love Chrome. Really hate how it handles PDFs.” which stirred me into action. I too like using the Chrome web browser, but I have really hated how it opened PDFs automatically with it’s own viewer.

 Okay you may not like Adobe’s offering either but I really don’t remember being given any the choice as to how PDFs are handled. To be honest until recently I thought I was using Adobe Reader in Chrome and they had done a special version just for Chrome.

Damn you Chrome PDF Viewer

So how does one go about disabling Chrome’s (mis)handling of PDFs?  Simple type this in the address bar:


Then scroll down to the obviously labelled “Chrome PDF Viewer” and click on “disable“.  You could also from here re-enable Adobe’s offering but may I suggest you choose to leave both alone and download the pdf, scan it for viruses and only then open it in your favourite PDF reader?