Yes I know I’ve been away from the blog for a while, work and family life keep me occupied! Anyway, I saw this recent blog post for pricing changes for Twinmotion/Unreal Engine and Reality Capture.

We are updating Twinmotion pricing in late april

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As a big user of Twinmotion the real deal here is it is going to be free for those earning revenue under $1 million USD per year. If you do earn over this the price will be $445 per seat. Twinmotion was always a good price and certainly a good investment (especially when ArcGIS CityEngine is so pricey), so I’m happy.

As Twinmotion is a gateway to the Unreal Engine universe for people in my profession I think this will open Epic up to more users not less and I bet their hoping a few of those users make it big so they can ask for a cut.

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