A week back a person I know called Kenneth Field (a cartographer who works at Esri Inc in Redlands California) published a reworking of the famous London Underground map. He has written a full blog post on it here which I recommend you read.
I’m not really here to critique (others are doing that on twitter*) it but I do think it’s interesting how much of an impact the ‘map’ has had on so many people.

I’m quite please to say I helped him source the 3D building data for his axonometric version. Quite rightly, I think a desire to connect to the above ground city can help a few people. I might not know names of everywhere in London but I do know landmarks.

*Now subsequent to Ken’s post and this one… a bit of disagreement has emerged from which has spilled out on to twitter starting with a tweet from someone called TubeMapCentral.

The response to what seems a bit of a hostile tweet seems to be Ken’s latest blog entitled Academic parochialism which seems to have stirred a ‘conversation’ on twitter (to put it lightly)…

Whatever your personal opinions on the map itself produced by “Dr Field” this all seems a bit too much drama and personality for what is essentially, from my perspective, a fun attempt at redoing a well used London Underground map.