Okay I’m fairly new on the internet social scene and I reluctantly have a facebook account.   However Google just switched on this fairly intrusive twitter like thing called Buzz that automatically opted me in for lots of personal data sharing.

Don’t get me wrong I like Google, and I think Gmail is a fantastic email tool (I also like blogger!).  You may have also seen I own an Android phone (I like the way it syncs with my email and contacts).   This move just seems too far, for starters it was automatically put in my gmail account (I didn’t ask for it) and then it latched itself onto my contacts… as others have said you may email lots of people but that doesn’t mean you like them!

Considering my opinion above it is a bit odd that after rejecting this Buzz thing that I’m also upset that whilst they go live with this tool they have not seen fit to develop a native application for their own android phone OS (unless you have 2.0+).  Yet the iPhone they do!   Sure I get that the iPhone is popular but I thought they wanted Android to succeed.  Again I like Android but if they’re not going to update the OS so it can have a shelf life of more than a few months I probably will buy an iPhone in future….

Just my two pence, now move along nothing to see here…