You will have seen recently news of our (GD3D) new data agreement with our friends at CyberCity3D.  Not only for data sales but also a data streaming service on the ArcGIS Marketplace.   This means a subscription fee for access to city datasets for use in ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Earth or ArcGIS Online, we’re calling it ‘Context as a Service’.   We’ve had so many interactions with clients who want the 3D context for a proposal site but are looking for cost effective ways to get it without paying per square kilometre large sums of money.    We’ll also be adding extensive UK coverage of our baseBuildings 3D datasets a low cost alternative to LOD2/2.5 buildings in addition to the CyberCity3D library.

I’ll write a longer post soon about it all and how it fits with our CityEngine work!  In the meantime you can read our ‘press release’ here.


  1. hi sir
    can you help me i need student cityengine
    but i do not found any cours
    and i am very poor from egypt can you help me know everything of cityengine

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