Don't worry Sedbergh, it's only a test!

In my line of work sometimes I need an overview of what I’m plotting in ArcGIS.   For instance, how much land area is being covered by the feature I’ve just plotted?  Or am I getting the expected proportions of land-uses?   This can help ‘GeoDesigners‘!   We use ArcGIS for City Masterplanning so the tool has a definite use.

Dynamic Charting is a tool that does just that, install the add in for ArcGIS10 and add the button.   Once you’ve clicked on the Dyanmic Charting button you can drag the layer you’re editing over to the dynamic charting box and watch as you add features and the chart (pie or bar) is updated ‘on-the-fly’.


You can read more about the tool here, as well as download it here.


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