2016-06-22 09.29.53I was invited to present by Ordnance Survey International at the OGC Meet in Dublin last month.  Not having been to an OGC meeting before (or to be honest really knowing much about this influential group) I jumped at the chance.  Now, for a body called the Open Geospatial Consortium their meetings have a lot of closed doors and ‘members only’ provisions, which I find a little odd. However having said that these are commercial companies who wanting to collaborate with also means showing a little (or lot) of what they are doing.  So I understand the need for some protection here (being in private business myself)!

The day was interesting with lots of technical discussions, which I can’t tell you about, but even if I could I probably wouldn’t have been able to relay my understanding! My presentation was a little (ahem) less technical than others but it really boiled down to Garsdale Design’s experiences in 3D and with things like CityGML.  Which to be perfectly honest is not very much when it comes to CityGML!  Which is a pity because there clearly is a need for proper City 3D modelling standards in our industry and CityGMl goes a long way to filling that gap.2016-06-22 12.02.12


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