If you’ve ever created a website using one of the content management system (CMS) out there like Joomla, Mambo or WordPress you’ll know that actually getting something other than a generic template is difficult (unless you like mucking about in CSS and HTML on a text editor). But then I saw a review for this program in PcPro (http://www.pcpro.co.uk), it’s called Artiseer and it can create your (in my case Joomla) template very quickly.

Start by clicking on the suggest design button until you like a certain style or until it’s near enough what you want. Then click any one of the suggest colors, fonts, layout, background or sheet buttons till you find something you like. If you want finer control that can be done as well so you can pick exact colours and choose your own images.

If need to create a good looking joomla /wordpress/ drupal template quickly this is certainly the program for you!

Download the free trial here: http://www.artisteer.com/

[edited – looks like I spelt the product name wrong in the title.. sorry!]

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