So I’ve said before CityEngine is so much more than for Cities with that in mind I used CityEngine to export some Fossil 3D models to a webscene….

This is getting out of hand…. (click on image to view in 3D on

The 3 3d fossil models came from this new website which is an impressive project :

The GB3D Type Fossils Online project, funded by JISC, aims to develop a single database of the type specimens, held in British collections, of macrofossil species and subspecies found in the UK, including links to photographs (including ‘anaglyph’ stereo pairs) and a selection of 3D digital models.

I’ve been looking at new things outside of cities to model and display within ESRI’s WebGL webscene viewer so this was a perfect test.   To view this model you need a web browser that supports WebGL (currently Internet Explorer doesn’t) and a reasonable download speed…. you’ve been warned.

 Fossils from GB3D WebGL webscene