cityengine2013 SR splash screen
2013.1 140203R – a snappy title for a release huh?

Just a quick ‘heads-up’ for all you CityEngine fans out there, a new version of CityEngine 2013 has been released which fixes a few, ahem, ‘issues’ the main one being a ‘concurrent licence’ issue.   I’m reliably informed there is also a fix in there to solve an issue of data being shifted when exported to a webscene (why they haven’t said that in the release notes I don’t know).

cityengine2013 SR about screen
Not just on the splash screen but also on the About screen so it must be true..

If there are any other fixes I hear of or notice, I’ll let you know.. in the meantime you can download it from the Customer Care Portal, oh and you’ll need to uninstall the 2013 previous version to install this.. I hope one day these fixes come in updates rather than total new versions…

cityengine2013 SR customer care portal screen
If it fixes anything else they’re not officially saying….


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