The Garden City (not a funny hybrid international looking city you see here)

Any town planner especially one taught in the UK has seen this diagram by Ebenezor Howard, and so I had to have a go creating it.  Even though it clearly says its a ‘diagram only’.

Really this is again demonstrating the power of CityEngine as a modelling tool, we can run through hypothetical scenarios quickly and easily.   I hope to make this model better by adding reporting, so we know how many people can live and work in this diagram.  As well as making things look a bit more realistic I need to:

  • The ‘Grand Avenue’ would surely not be a forest and more a formal park environment?
  • The roads should have more trees!
  • The low-level housing should be more, well British looking, where’s the terrace and cul-de-sac?
  • The railway is a light rail here and elevated, perhaps this needs rethinking?

So do you have any suggestions?   You can comment directly on the 3D model (if you have an ArcGIS account)

To view this scene in 3D click here, (or on the images above and below)



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