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Well it was bound to happen but I didn’t expect it to happen with the upcoming release of 2013.   Not that this effects me, but as you can see from ESRI’s own Deprecation plans now say that :

Esri will end support of the 32-bit version of CityEngine for Windows. City Engine 2012 will be the last 32-bit release. This means that CityEngine 2013 will be only be supported on 64-bit versions of Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

So does this mean ESRI’s plans for CityEngine are looking at even larger datasets and more complicated functionality.   Or does it mean they’ve just created a new version to run on the new 64bit  iPhone 5s?

Improved Streets?

Screenshot 2013-09-28 12.36.16

A recent webinar has also showed that they have improved street creation you can read about this and all CityEngine 2013 improvements I’ve heard about on a previous post here : “What’s coming in CityEngine 2013”

Source : Deprecation Plan for ArcGIS (CityEngine bit added 16th of September 2013) (PDF)


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