Okay this is a basic list to start with that I started on our company website Garsdale Design- Useful Mapping, I’m looking to expand it, so hopefully you readers can help here, if you know of any other Cumbria mapping sites or Cumbrian related datasets, could you perhaps share them via the comments section, or tweet me?

I’ve also started a group at ArcGIS.com called “Cumbria, UK ArcGIS Group“, please join it if you are interested!

Here’s what I have so far (you’ll notice most are local authorities) and I will be adding more to it:

These sites although not Cumbria centric do hold data on Cumbria:


  1. I was looking for shapefiles for Cumbria. The best resource that I have found so far belongs to the University of Edenburgh at https://www.sharegeo.ac.uk/ . The other resource is http://www.ordinancesurvey.co.uk .
    If you were concerned about a lack of plans (maps?) then maybe this comment is off target. But if you were looking for good sources of data to make your own plans / maps, these are the resources that I have found.
    I only mention this on a 2010 web page because when I typed in Cumbria GIS Data in the search engine, your site turned up among the top hits. Maybe this post can help others.

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