This is a post that I did for LinkedIn that I have copied here for others to view….

Early screenshot of a new ArcGIS CityEngine city masterplanning demo project. I’ve been working on for GD3D® . Rules to describe housing (simple to start with), industrial (check out my solar farm) and agricultural so far. In addition, I am using the excellent ‘Complete Streets Rule’ by David Wasserman here as you can hit the ground running and streets (let’s be honest) are hard to do well from scratch!

As you can see we have built in metrics starting with GFA but hopefully we’ll have more later. You can also see it easily exports to Twinmotion complete with ability to swap out for nicer assets (like real lighting and trees). This has taken less than a day so far, but geographically it is bigger than demos I usually do so this could get interesting as I manage the data (inputs and outputs). Still reading at this point? Well I can contacted #CityEngine training/knowledge transfer and project support.

Okay now the shameless plug: Did you know I am a CityEngine instructor trainer? I can do project work or knowledge transfer and I can train you or your organisation in the use of ArcGIS CityEngine, contact me for more details!

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