This is a post that I did for LinkedIn that I have copied here for others to view….

Well since some people seemed interested in my previous #ArcGIS #CityEngine posts. I thought I would continue! This time let us look at metrics: #planning projects often, before getting to detailed designs, want an understanding of capacity (in terms of floor areas / #GFA) and some idea of simple massing. #CityEngine really excels at this and what’s nice is that this is far easier to implement than the more detailed models (like my previous posts)!

So how do we start? Well quite simply with simple mass models and that means extrusions from a 2D polygon (representing in this case a footprint). Here we then can add a simple split and some tests against each resulting floor volume. At each of these floor volumes we can then add reporting so when we place our footprints we can instantly interact with each model to raise and lower heights/floors as well as showing live/dynamic metrics in a dashboard within the interface. What this means is we can generate very quickly numerous scenarios with an understanding of floor areas and massing.

Okay now the shameless plug: Did you know I am a CityEngine instructor trainer? I can do project work or knowledge transfer and I can train you or your organisation in the use of ArcGIS CityEngine, contact me for more details!

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