A quick post this but something many of my CityEngine trainees will be interested in. I’ve often recommended Twinmotion to clients as a quick and effective way of getting quality visualisations together without the hard slog of coding and awkward interfaces.

I’ll be using this to improve the visuals of my CityEngine work. I will probably also include some training material for clients as well.

With this importer your work in Twinmotion can finally be built upon in Unreal for different uses and better interfaces. For large consultancies this really is a no brainer. The workflow is ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS CityEngine to Twinmotion to Unreal, each stage requires different skills but then again there’s so much potential for building on your work and doing faster iterations and scenarios with high quality visualisations and the possibility of nicer custom interfaces at the end of it all.

You can read more here, I hope you can get your managers to give you time to play with this and test it all out! If not I’m sure I will be trying it out and writing about it here.

Read and download the Twinmotion Importer for Unreal Engine [Beta] here.


  1. I agree 100% with you Elliot. Choice of tool depends on final goal and skill set of customer/consultant. In my view bettter integration of Twinmotion with Unreal Engine was just matter of time. Now it is time to put it to test.

    • Thanks Zorko, I keep having discussions with organisations where an understanding of the whole workflow by all the team members for projects is vital (this is geodesign!). The GIS person suddenly has to know that their work might well be used in a game engine environment, and equally the game developer has to understand the GIS and planning professional’s work and data. It’s a very exciting time!

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