Occasionally I will post Press Releases or news if I think they’re of interest… I don’t endorse any product or service listed here (currently) – although to be fair this product looks awesome, I’d love to use this when doing my CityEngine work!

You can read the original press release here.

“We’re incredibly proud and excited to announce the launch of the Igloo Immersive Media Player (affectionately known as IMP). With this new innovation, we’ve managed to package all of our powerful Shared VR technology into a sleek, sophisticated, standalone unit.

It’s intended for clients and integrators who want to use Igloo’s core technology to create their own shared immersive spaces (immersive workspaces, huddle rooms, retail installations, data visualisation suites, innovation hubs, CAVEs, etc, etc, etc.) but are frustrated by the limitations of traditional AV media servers.

And, if you’ve got any experience with a traditional AV media server, you’ll immediately see that the Igloo Immersive Media Player is very different:”

Continue to read the full post here.

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