Before I write a main blog post about ArcGISPro I thought a couple of screenshots would be in order.  Initial impressions? Nice 2D & 3D integration, I like the ribbon interface (hope I’m not alone), but it can be very very slow and the PC specs seem pretty steep…

The layout features, like lasso and being able to put 3D on paper is big news for me.
The layout features, like lasso and being able to put 3D on paper is big news for me.

I’ve described the ribbon interface as a marmite moment, that is you’ll either love it or hate it.  Personally a contextual interface is far better and helps me concentrate on the important production of maps not trying to remember every hardly used tool…

Mulitple dataframes in view plus the layout, all dockable, contextual ribbon interface, 2D/3D… ArcGISPro is ambitious in terms of it’s interface, functionality relies still on existing tool set in ArcGIS desktop and toolboxes.

Potentially one stumbling block in all of this, no not the speed or the crashing (which is an issue just not in a beta), well I think more people should have access to the beta.   It looks like if you have a Developer or Home ArcGIS online account you won’t as yet be able to use this.

Try and see if you’re eligable to download it from here :


3D Building Data from CyberCity3D

CyberCity Black


  1. Hi Elliot,
    Thanx for this quick review about ArcGIS Pro.
    “Multiple dataframes in view plus the layout” is just a blessing to me – and I guess to thousands of Esri software users!
    But, hélas! (alas!), I won’t get to know this UX as ArcGIS for Developers Online Accounts are not eligible to download the software. One has to have an ArcGIS for Organization Account or to be under maintenance of ArcGIS for Desktop. Don’t know about the Home version though.
    Feel free to post more impressions and feedback about ArcGIS Pro’s GUI and its ergonomy in general.
    – Yann (Twitter: @ykacenelen)

  2. Very cool! Just the handful of new features you listed has me excited. And I agree- I like the ribbon. Provides nice organization.


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