Updated 08/08/2012 : New image added this time with large Pylons and 4 cables

Just a quick note, I’ll post an example rule file later… basically you can model utility networks like electricity cables and pylons by using a graph network and instead of modelling a street with trees and lamps you model cables and pylons.

Large Pylons modelled using a Graph Network (added to post 08/08/2012)

In this example I’ve made sure the graph/street segment ‘y’ vertices are at a height of 12m (or whatever you like).  Then I’ve placed a pylon every 20 metres, which are offset down by 10m (so they sit on the ground and the cable rests on their arms).   Then at the same time drawn a simple black box down the centre line of the graph.   It’s crude I know but the results look quite good I think.

You could use this technique for anything, for example pipes/ducting underground.   Has anyone tried a road tunnel I wonder?


  1. Hi!
    Would you mind sharing me with the rule to model sewers on CityEngine.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Apologies for delay replying. You need to send me more details about what you’d use it for if that’s okay, my contact details are on the Garsdale Design website.

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